Friday, August 10, 2012

Nicklas at Camp Tecumseh

Last week, it was Nick's turn to spend the week at Camp Tecumseh. Here he is on check-in day. He was rolling his eyes at me because I asked for a photo.

He was in the Ottawa cabin again this year. He was pretty surprised to be in the same cabin.

It's next to the Creative Arts Center.

The camp folks took this photo of Nicklas and the Polack moving in to his cabin.

The last two years, Nicklas has gone to camp during the week where the theme was Country Ho-Down. Being as sports obsessed as he is, he asked if he could go during Sports Week this year. As camp week approached, he was bummed to realize that Sports Week was during the Olympics. I think he would have rather gone to Country Ho-Down instead of missing the Olympics but luckily, Camp T was on board with an Olympics theme. Here's a photo of everyone heading to the opening campfire.

It rained Monday morning so chapel was held indoors. (Nicklas is in the middle of the photo, with the blue shirt.)

 His cabin, heading to the swimming pool.

Time for an afternoon activity. A typical camper day begins with breakfast, chapel, three clinics in the morning, lunch, quiet time, and afternoon activities with the cabin and then dinner, I think.

Nicklas playing his favorite game ever, GaGa.

Looks like he got out...

One of his clinics this year was flag football. It was the first time he chose that clinic and he LOVED the counselor who was in charge of it. His second clinic was basketball.

He also participated in water polo. (Upper left hand of photo.) He loves water polo.

Here are a few photos of the closing campfire that I wanted to include. It seems like such a special ceremony and I'm sure if I was privileged enough to see it, it would bring chills.

During the ceremony, the 15-year-olds "graduate" and become torch bearers. It's their last year as a camper. Nicklas says all the girls cry and cry and bawl their eyes out. I'm sure he'll get a bit choked up when it's his turn.

Week 8 Ottawa!

The Polack and I were on our anniversary trip so we weren't able to pick up Nicklas from camp. But we did receive this photo from Mimi on Saturday.

Nicklas is already talking about next year's camp. And one of his friends from Lafayette wants to go with him. It would be great for Nicklas to have a friend attend with him so I hope it works out!

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