Friday, August 17, 2012

First Days

Monday was the first day of the school year for all the Kubatski boys. The Polack was the first to leave. I wasn't even awake yet. It was a teacher work day for him.

Nicklas got himself up and showered and he promptly sat on the couch for an hour of ESPN. I try to make the boys a nice breakfast for their first day of school; Nicklas chose bacon and eggs. Once breakfast was finished, we headed outside to wait for the bus.

Nicklas was excited because his mean bus driver retired last year.

He was disappointed to see her still driving when she picked him up. She actually waved at me so I figure that's a good start to the year. After Nicklas departed, I headed in to the house to read the newspaper and get myself ready for the day. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I got in to the house and Freddy uncharacteristically avoided me. I quickly realized he had somehow knocked off the pan of bacon from the counter top and eaten all but the two pieces that managed to stay on the counter. I was NOT happy.

I usually have about 40 minutes between Nicklas getting on the bus and having to wake up Seeger. He's such a heavy sleeper but luckily he was excited to wake up for his first day of school. For breakfast, he chose bacon and waffles. (Luckily I had the two pieces of bacon left.) I forgot to take a photo of Seeger at home but I remembered when I walked him to his classroom. (He doesn't ride the bus like Nicklas.) Here he is waiting to go in to meet his teacher.

His teacher let him pick out his desk. He was excited to sit next to his friend Jacob. He was also excited that his best friend, Roberto, is in his class again.

The next day was the Polack's first day with his students. Since nearly every parent posted photo's of their kids' first day, we decided he should have a first day photo too.

And I would normally say, Poor Freddy - home all alone during the days again. Except that his belly was full of bacon so I don't feel too sorry for him.

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