Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chicago Visit

Several months back, my uncle offered us tickets to a Cubs vs. Tigers baseball game at Wrigley Field. We jumped at the chance to attend a Tigers game, knowing we probably wouldn't make it to one in Detroit this year. Around the same time, Meesha surprised us with a visit to Six Flags Great America. It was a thank you gift to us for letting her stay at our house the past four months. It was a great mini vacation. A few days before leaving, we went swimming at a friends house.

Nicklas played his last regular season game.

The next day, we headed to Chicago land. Six Flags was great. We love amusement parks and we especially enjoy roller coasters. Nicklas loves them! Seeger has never been a big fan of thrill rides but now that he's getting a bit taller, he's getting braver too. After all, he did the Cheetah Run at Busch Gardens in March. The Polack was bummed he missed seeing that but he was excited to be able to ride coasters with Seeger at Six Flags. Unfortunately, while waiting in line for the first coaster, Seeger complained of not feeling well and he said he wanted to go home. We realized this was nerves on his part so we decided to start off easy. We did some small rides and then took a ride on the train. Seeger never turns down a train ride.

We did a few of the smaller and wooden coasters. Seeger seemed okay riding coasters that didn't go upside down. We also rode some of the bigger coasters that Seeger isn't tall enough for by doing a parent swap. Nicklas loves the parent swap because I would ride with him while the Polack waited with Seeger. When Nicklas and I returned, then I would wait with Seeger while the Polack and Nicklas rode. So Nicklas got to ride all the big rides twice.

Here are some photos of the Six Flag's newest coaster - X-Flight.

Both boys wanted to ride Buccaneer Battle. It's a water ride where they shoot at other boats and those watching the ride.

The Polack and I watched (and shot at the boats going by.) Here's the Polack waiting for the boys' boat.

Waiting for yet another coaster.

We finally worked our way up to where Seeger felt ready to try an upside down coaster. He chose the Demon and decided he wanted to ride with his dad. I love the expressions on his face while waiting to leave. He was all smiles for the camera but when he didn't think I was taking pictures, he looked so nervous. And I love that they were holding hands.

We also rode the needle. The boys wanted to see the park from the sky. It's cool to see the roller coasters sprinkled throughout.

I believe that you're never too old to ride a carousal. 

One of our last rides was the Superman. I'd heard this was a cool coaster and it didn't disappoint. It was our favorite of the day. (I had to take this photo during the Superman ride since I lost my first iPhone while riding a coaster.)

When you first sit down to ride the Superman, you think it's a regular hanging coaster but then the seats rotate forward 90 degrees. This means that you end up with your belly facing down - just like Superman flying. It's so cool!

We also did one of my favorite rides, the Log Flume.

Seeger bought a cape. He was super excited to be a Super Hero.

We had a great time at Six Flags. We were able to ride all of the big rides that day. I'm glad we didn't plan to do the water park because we wouldn't have had enough time. The park was a little dirty (which was more noticeable since there are signs everywhere advertising it as the cleanest park in America) but the staff were very friendly and nice. The rides were fun and there was plenty to do.

The next day was the Tigers game. It was a 1:00 start so were took our time in the morning. We stayed at my aunt and uncle's house and boys loved playing foosball and shuffleboard in the basement. We got to Wrigleyville early so we could look around and check out things out. I only took one photo but it's a classic.

It was a great three days in Chicago. The weather was perfect and we had a great getaway. I need to give a special shout-out to Uncle John for the baseball game tickets and Meesha for the visit to Six Flags. We are very blessed family.

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