Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

Whew weee, I'm still recovering from a busy weekend. Friday night, we scarfed down dinner and headed to Monroe County Martial Arts where Nicklas tested for his green belt.

Seeger started tae kwon do about four months ahead of Nicklas and so far, he's achieved his belts sooner than Nicklas. So I was a little surprised that Nicklas tested before Seeger for this next level. I was worried about Seeger being upset and although he was bummed, he was in pretty good spirits. While waiting for the testing, we played around on my phone.


Nicklas did GREAT during the test. The Polack and I were both really impressed with his kicks and punches. Here he is during the promotion. Yay, Nicklas The Green Belt!

After TKD, the boys headed to the baseball fields for Nick's game and I went to a friends house for a Stella and Dot party. Yes, I purchased a few things. On Saturday, the family got going pretty early because we were helping with the school's Learning Festival. I was in charge of the Fitness Trail/Obstacle Course. The Polack and the boys helped and we all enjoyed the activities in between our volunteer duties. My favorite was the clay painting. Look at all the fish drying!

Seeger opted to paint a flower pot.

I was happy that Nicklas chose a fish. He made it for me for Mother's Day.

After the Learning Festival, Seeger and I hopped in to the Polack's car and we drove to Fort Wayne. My original plan was to celebrate my brother's fiance's graduation and visit for Mother's Day. After the plans were made, we realized Nicklas had baseball games on Saturday and Sunday. So he and the Polack stayed home and Seeger and I decided to go. In the midst of all this planning, the Polack's car starting having issues. Major issues. He loves his Sebring and though it only had around 93,000 miles, it was 12 years old and it wasn't doing well. So I decided trade it in for a nearly new car. My plan was to test drive some cars from my brother's car lot (he's a car salesman). After six tests, these were my top two.

I ended up choosing the Mazda for it's low miles and sporty feel. It will be my car and the Polack will take the Highlander. I love the new car though I'm getting to used to driving a manual. After figuring out I was starting in third, not first, driving it has been pretty smooth.

After I bought the car, I headed to dinner with my family and Kathryn's family and friends. After dinner, Seeger and I stayed at Uncle Jake's (while the most of the rest of the group headed out for a night of fun.) Here is Seeger asleep on the chair. He's so cute when he's sleeping!

Sunday morning, I got up before everyone and headed to the store to buy some things for our Mother's Day brunch. I wanted to make Crack Potatoes, a recipe from Pinterest.

While at the store, Nicklas texted me.

That morning, Seeger received a belated birthday present. He's super excited to try his new skateboard.

After brunch, we took a quick family photo.

Then Mom, Seeger, and I headed to the (three) dollar theater to see Big Miracle. I was great spending time with my mom and we all teared up a bit at the movie. After the movie, Seeger and I drove home where the Polack had a yummy steak dinner waiting for me. After dinner, we took a drive in the new car and made it home in time to watch the season finale of Survivor. It was a great ending to a great weekend.

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