Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Top 10 Great Things About this Week (and it's only WEDNESDAY!)

1. I exercised my right to vote yesterday.
2. Seeger wants to create a website. I can't wait to help him get started.
3. I've finalized plans for Memorial Day and I'm super excited.
4. I'm reading a great book, one that's hard to put down.
5. I saw a trailer for the movie, The Host. It's based off my favorite book of all time.
6. I woke up before my alarm this morning. I think this means that I'm caught up on sleep.
7. Nicklas has been in a great mood - happy and smiling and laughing - the past few days.
8. We have a free weekend coming up and I have all sorts of ideas of what we should do to take advantage of it.
9. I attended the PTO meeting last night. I'm happy to be an involved parent at my kids school.
10. We're having a strawberry shortcake festival at work today. Yum!

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