Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Thoughts

Right now I'm....

: happy about spending Memorial Day weekend at the Lake.
: remembering Seeger's excitment about getting to purchase books at his school's book fair this morning.
: looking foward to lunch with the Polack who has today off.
: wishing I was home quilting.
: figuring out a way to watch the most recent America's Next Top Model episode (go Sophie!) some time today.
: wondering what Nicklas thinks about the "family reproductive unit" lessons he has been receiving this week.
: bummed that I'll miss Bloomington's Dancing with the Celebrities event that I've been working hard on.
: counting this list to see if I've reached 10 thoughts yet.
: not looking forward to driving to Fort Wayne tomorrow although I know I will definitely enjoy family time.
: excited that Nicklas is testing for his green belt tonight.
: sad that Seeger is NOT testing for HIS green belt yet.
: loving the new clothes the Polack bought for me for Mother's Day (and the compliments I've received from wearing outfit #1 today).

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