Monday, April 23, 2012

Seeger's birthday weekend

Seeger's birthday was on Saturday but we spent the weekend celebrating. On Friday, I visited his class to help pass out his birthday cookies.

He was excited when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. The chocolate chip cookies from Mimi were a hit. A few kids asked me to bring them for his birthday next year. Tatiyana told me that they were better than Iva's birthday cupcakes.

After school, I picked up Seeger and Roberto for their sleepoever. We let Seeger pick the restaurant for his birthday dinner - he chose Mother Bear's.

On Saturday, we had some errands and TKD in the morning. Seeger was very anxious to get home so he could open his presents.

  He received lego sets, bey blades, money, and the game Beat the Parents.

He spent most of the weekend putting together his Ninjago lego sets.

Finally on Sunday evening, he finished two sets. He was a happy boy!

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