Friday, April 20, 2012

Seeger is EIGHT!

Tomorrow is Seeger's birthday but I likely won't have time to write his birthday post. I thought I'd get a jump on things a day early. Seeger decided to bring his Mimi's chocolate chip cookies to school for his birthday treat. I'll be joining the class as the use the cookies for an Earth Day activity.

After school, Seeger is having his friend Roberto spend the night. We will also go out to dinner at the restaurant of Seeger's choice. He's having trouble deciding and yesterday, he said he wants to go to Cracker Barrel. This morning he said he wants to go Mother Bear's. I think the rest of family is hoping his sticks with Mother Bear's.

I was going through an old external hard drive this morning, checking out it's contents, when I came across some old photos of Seeger in 2005 - when he was 1. I knew right away I needed to share them with you. He was - and still is - such a cutie!



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carmen said...

Oh my goodness! Did you cry looking through all these pictures? Why do babies have to grow so fast!?!?
Happy Birthday Seeger!!