Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

1. When I was in college, I was hanging out with some guy friends one night (one lived with me for the summer) and they found out I'd never heard of the movie, Deliverance. They immediately went to the video store to rent it so I could watch it. What a freaky movie.

2. I have Dueling Banjos on my iPod and I love it when Seeger starts dancing to the music. He's so innocent now but some day he's going to find out where the music comes from.

3. When the boys are running low on lunch money credit, the school usually sends an automated message to alert me. Except they recently changes systems so I didn't get a message this month. Yesterday both boys went through the lunch line, picked out their food, and when they reached the cashier, their food was taken away and they were served a peanut butter sandwich. Both were bummed, especially Seeger, because it was Salisbury steak day and he REALLY wanted it. I feel horrible about it and I'm sure it's embarrassing to them.

4. I've done my taxes on two different websites. One says I owe $829 and the other says I owe $1041. I'm not happy with either option.

5. There's a new app out called Scene Tap and it was just implemented in Bloomington. It's advertised as letting users know where the party is. Basically you can see how full a bar it, the percent of male to female ratio, and the average age of the patrons. The app has been implemented in Chicago, Austin, and now Bloomington. How does it know this information? The app creators have installed cameras at the entrance to the bars. The cameras use facial recognition technology that detects sex and age of people. Creepy.

6. We've finally gotten a hold of Nick's allergies. The red puffy eyes are gone and he's not sneezing anymore. His nose is still a little stuffed up but it's much better than it's been.

7. I'm looking forward to bathing suits and sunscreen and boat rides and lake swimming.

8. I follow a blogger that often mentions the titles of books she's reading. I've collected her titles and put them in the queue in my account at the public library. Four of the six requested books became available at the same time so I either have a lot of reading to do or I'm not going to get through them all.

9. The local library charges for overdue books. I'm not used to this and it's a little annoying. On a positive note, they have a drive through window so when books are available, it's easy to pick them up. It helps that the public library is only eight blocks from my office. (In case you are wondering, the campus library is one block from my office.)

10. Last weekend, we hosted a cookout with some friends. It was nice to be entertaining again, something we don't do nearly as often as when we lived in Lafayette. We also had a visit from some of our Michigan relatives. Aunt Judy, cousins Laura and Tony and their kids, Emily and Ethan stopped by to see our house. We took them on a tour of campus so we could show it off to Emily who is in high school and wants to study Journalism. She's definitely interested in coming to IU and she's planning to sign up for the high school journalism camp this summer. After the tour, I asked her what she thought and she said, "It was even better than I expected." Score one for IU!

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