Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Current Shots

I wanted to share a few photos taken in recent days. On Friday, I snapped a shot of Nicklas at the peak of his allergies. He's still pretty miserable though the $300 I spent on Rx's seem to be taking the edge off a bit. Do you like his shirt? My friend - who is a huge Kentucky fan - bought it for him. It's nice that she has a sense of humor!

I mentioned Thursday that I wore giraffe print shoes to work. On Friday, I wore shoes with polka dots. I thought I better post of photo for Carmen.
On Saturday, Seeger and I went to his art show at IU to see his work on display.

And a photo from yesterday.... The Polack took Nicklas to his baseball practice and I stayed home with Seeger. He had a sandwich, yogurt, watermelon, and string cheese and he was still hungry. So I heated up some spaghetti and meatballs for him. What a messy face.

1 comment:

carmen said...

Oh my, LUV the shoes!
Poor Nicklas, he looks pretty miserable.

And to comment on your other post too: love the paint colors! So bright and cheerful in the Polack Palace! :-)