Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 10 Things Happening in My Life

1. Nicklas had his Herbst appliance installed yesterday. He's still getting used to it and it's more visable than expected. We're having a hard time understanding him and he's having a hard time eating but I think things will be better once he gets used to it.

2. On top of dental woes, Nicklas has been experiencing terrible allergies. His allergies rarely bothered him when we lived in Lafayette. They were bad last year - our first year in Bloomington - but this year they are horrible. They kicked in when we returned from Florida to warm Bloomington temps. These past 9 days have been really bad - watery eyes, stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, etc. His cheeks and nose are red and raw from all the rubbing. We've given him all sorts of allergy meds but nothing seems to help so I scheduled a doctors appointment for him. Hopefully she can help because he's miserable.

3. I'm mailing off a quilt commission today. It's nice to have that project finished and out the door and the new owner is really happy with the photos I've shown her. This means I get to start a new project, though I'm not sure what that will be.

4. The Hunger Games movie was pretty good and I loved the casting but I didn't like the cinematography. We were in the front of a very full theater and all of that camera jostling make it difficult to follow the story visually.

5. The Polack is on spring break this week so he's in painting mode. He hopes finish the living room, kitchen, sewing room, and possibly the guest bedroom and bathroom.

6. I still haven't started working on our taxes. I've never waited this long.

7. Seeger's art classes finished a few weeks ago but his gallery show is this Saturday. It will be fun to see everything he worked on.

8. I spent $100 on flowers for our 14X4 foot flower bed. Why is landscaping so expensive??

9. We went morel hunting in our woods on Sunday. We didn't find anything but a cute little turtle. We also found some concrete blocks that someone dumped in the woods. The boys decided to make it their hangout so they spent about two hours "fixing it up". They brought some cardboard from the basement and made a door and created a password for guests. I'm so glad that spent some time outside.

10. I had to give up on going to the Kentucky Oaks this year. I'm so bummed but it's the day before commencement and this year I'm in charge of planning my units luncheon. We typically have over 1,000 people attend the luncheon so it's a huge event; there's no way I can be gone the day before. So yeah, I'm bummed to miss the Oaks but on the upside, my friend Stacey (who lives near Louisville) suggested we go to another race and perhaps also try at catch a Bats game. We're looking at weekends to get it scheduled.

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