Thursday, February 16, 2012

Social Studies Quiz

Nicklas received an assignment to write a social studies quiz for his fellow classmates. How many do you know the answers to?

By Nicklas

1. Christopher Columbus came to America to_________
A. Give land to Native Americans
B. Get to Asia
C. Have a picnic
D. Prove the Earth was round

2. John Cabot went North of Columbus’s route because
A. He didn’t want to “discover” the same land
B. He hated Columbus’s route
C. He attempted to go on the north-west passage
D. He wanted to miss land Spain had claimed

3. Ponce De León came to Florida because
A. He wanted to go to Disney World
B. He hated Cuba
C. He wanted to go the “Fountain of Youth”
D. He was bored

4. Cortes’s men took __________ from their first battle vs. the Aztecs
A. gold
B. weapons
C. food
D. iPods

5. Jacques Carter got to present day __________ on his first voyage
A. Vancouver
B. Quebec
C. Ottawa
D. Asia

6. Francisco Vasquez De Coronado killed a slave because
A. he felt the slave was stubborn
B. He was jealous
C. the slave asked him to
D. The slave told a story of a place where gold grew on the tips of trees but when Coronado told him to take him there, this place didn’t exist

7. Henry Hudson thought he was in a bay of water but was really in a
A. Lake
B. Ocean
C. The Gulf of Mexico
D. In a river

8. La Salle went down the _______ River
A. St. Lawrence
B. Ohio
C. Missouri
D. Mississippi

For this next section, fill the blank in
(Hint: The answer to each question in one of the 8 explorers!)

9. This sailor was with Columbus for his second journey
10. This sailor went through most of the southwest United States
11. This sailor was the first to explore present day Canada
12. This sailor started his route in the Great Lakes
13. This sailor was given gifts by a Native American tribe, only to backstab them later
14. This sailor thought he had landed in Asia when he got to America
15. This sailor was the first to attempt to go through the Northwest Passage
16. This sailor started by going straight north of his homeland

Reading Further
Circle the correct answer

17. Two French groups quit Fort Caroline to become
a. Merchants
b. Spaniards
c. Pirates
d. Puerto Ricans

18. France’s attack was delayed because
a. fog
b. wind
c. tornado
d. storm

19. Spain wanted to attack when they first saw Fort Caroline but didn’t because
a. the water was too shallow
b. they were seen
c. they were tired
d. they had to report back to their king

20. The Spanish built Fort Augustine _______ miles from Fort Caroline
a. 100
b. 5
c. three dozen
d. they didn’t build a fort

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