Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Updates Monday

Just a quick recap from the week...

Seeger was home sick on Wednesday, went to school on Thursday but was sent home around noon. He went back to school on Friday and made it through the day but his bug seems to be hanging around the house because we all felt a little punky for the rest of the weekend. Luckily we didn't have any plans Friday night so Seeger built Lego's, the other boys watched hockey and I quilted a bit - relaxing activities for all of us.

Saturday, Nicklas went to rehearsal for Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr. and he was asked to be an extra scene. He was proud of himself and of course, I am proud too. He joined the cast late so he was only in one or two scenes originally. Now he's up to four.

We were supposed to make a trip up to Indy to watch Martinsville play basketball against Brebuef while also visiting with my cousins and baby Quinn. But the punkiness we were all feeling led me to cancel the visit for fear of passing germs on to Quinn. It was a bummer but probably a good thing in the end.

Saturday evening, the Polack and I went to dinner with another couple that we've been wanting to socialize with but have never had complimentary schedules. Their kids are the same age as Nicklas and Seeger so they dropped their boys off, Meesha watched the gang, and we got to have some adult time together that included martinis and Chinese food - a combo I'd never considered but actually worked out well. We tried a new restaurant and had great conversation. Yeah for adult time.

On Sunday Seeger spent a few hours at a friend's house and I had a two meetings - one involving some students and the other, a press party to announce an upcoming Bloomington event. I felt like a playa in the community, especially after hobnobbing with the social elite and paying $12 for one glass of wine. (I'm not sure I'm ready to be that big of a playa.)

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed lately - in addition to work, I have the class I'm teaching this semester, I'm organizing Family Fitness Night at the boys' school, I've joined the board of a non profit and I'm chairing their development committee, I agreed to make a baby quilt for someone who is due soon, I'm involved with said community event - it's the Bloomington Dancing with the Celebrities fundraiser, and somehow I've been roped in to helping with a golf scramble (not that I know anything about golf). All these activities involve planning and follow through, and doing "stuff" and one or two or three would be okay but all of them put together is a bit too much. Oh, and a colleague at work submitted her notice so I'll be taking on a few of her projects for at least the next few weeks and I'm not sure she'll be replaced so hello increased work load.

A special shoutout to the Polack for feeding the family most of the weekend and for doing all the laundry. And having Meesha with us has been great - we've asked her to watch the boys a lot lately and she's always happy to do so. When she's home, Seeger is glued to her side. She's also watching the boys tonight while the Polack and I head to Indy for a Valentine's Day concert we won tickets to. We will definitely miss her when she moves out this summer and we have to start paying a babysitter again.

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I sure wish I was closer so I could help out. You make me feel so lazy but I'm sure I had my busy times in my youth. Have a great week and I'll be thinking if you