Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

1. I just received an email from Seeger's teacher. She really enjoyed his sharing presentation. He wrote about his tae kwon do moves and demonstrated them for the class. She said he had nice moves.

2. My students had to hand in a project yesterday and overall I'm impressed with their work. The assignment was less academic paperish and more real world presentationish and I can tell they semi-enjoyed the work.

3. In writing the syllabus for this course, I did my best to spread out their work throughout the 8 weeks. However I screwed myself. This weekend I have to grade all their projects, write the final assignment, and write the midterm I'm giving on Monday.

4. Last Saturday we had friends over for dinner. There was a treacherous ice storm Friday night so our driveway and street were covered in ice. Couple 1 arrived Saturday and parked with no problem in the driveway. Couple 2 turned on our street and promptly slide toward the yard, stopping a foot away from our mailbox. We had to push their car out of the way (a difficult task when your feet have no traction). We thought we were going to lose the mailbox because their car wouldn't go anywhere in reverse. Luckily we got it straightened out and Couple 2 finally got back on the road and parked for the evening. When it was time to leave, Couple 2 drove down the hill of our street and turned around in the caldesac. Then we had to push them up the hill to our cross-road. When Couple 1 tried to leave, they couldn't back up our driveway. They were able to get their car turned around but even going forward, they couldn't get up the driveway. They tried driving in the yard but we still had to push them up the hill. The Polack and I finally made it to bed around 1 am and when we woke up our mailbox was gone. It had been taken out some time between 1am and 8am.

5. In addition to needing a new mailbox, we are having trouble with our fireplace and hot water heater. Homeownership rocks. Seriously though, it's all good since everything is still under warranty. And we do love our house.

6. I am not a good plant owner. My poinsettia at work is dying and my houseplant at home is dying. The houseplant was outside all summer and it did so well. As soon as I brought it inside it lost half of it's leaves. I'm trying to salvage it but I'm really tired of picking up dead leaves every day.

7. Nicklas loves the lava lamp he received for Christmas. He likes to leave it on all the time. Seeger has been playing a lot of board games with Meesha. She's so good about hanging out with him when she's home.

8. The boys were sick last week and then they got me sick and then I got Mike sick. Yesterday was the first day I felt fully recovered and hopefully Mike can be all better by the weekend so we'll all be done with sickness for awhile.

9. My friend bought a puppy before Christmas - a Burmese Mountain - and she's now 3 months old and weighs 30 lbs. She's going to be huge and she's so gosh darn cute.

10. Things on my to-do list... Get caught up with class/teaching stuff. Take Freddy to vet and groomer. Schedule Dr. appts for the family. Schedule eye appt. for me. Call about water heater. Buy birthday present for brother-in-law. Open savings accounts for Nicklas and Seeger. I'm thinking I should take the day off to get all this accomplished. I'm pretty caught up at work so I can feel good about one part of my life.

Sorry if this is a really boring post. I'll have to come up with some entertaining stories this weekend. Happy Thursday everyone.

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EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Not boring at is cool to see what you all are doing. Plus I am jealous of your friend. I soooo want a Burmese Mountain dog for the last 10 years. Glad everyone is feeling better.