Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthday celebration

We had a small birthday celebration for Nicklas yesterday. I woke up late so I didn't make him breakfast BUT I give him a donut so he was happy. He took some treats to school to share with his class and his tae kwon do class sang to him. Here's a short video of that. (I have a new iPhone so I can actually take video now!)

(Ignore yellow purse lady who walked right in front of me while I was taking the video.)

After TKD, Nicklas chose dinner at Casa Brava. Mimi and Papa joined us. Then we went home to have cake. Actually we had brownies per Nick's request.

(Excuse the photos of Nicklas without a shirt on. He was ready for bed and his pajamas consist of athletic shorts and that's about it.)

Because Nicklas received my old iPhone to use as his own, he didn't get a lot of big presents this year. He got some books, some decor for his room, hockey cards, a hat, and tickets to see Straight No Chaser.

Nicklas said he had a great birthday and he's pretty sure he'll get some presents from other family members. My 11-year-old!

As my mom pointed out, he's getting so big, soon he'll be taller than her!

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