Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

Whew, it's been a crazy week so far. I spent the last few days in Fort Wayne with my mom who had surgery to fix her out of whack kneecaps. We were in the hospital for three days and now she's with me, safe and sound in Bloomington. And me? Well, I'm trying to catch up on work and home life.

And blogging.

So let's get to it.

1. Speaking of my mom, have I ever told you her first name? It's Cherryl. But drop the L and she's Cherry. As in Sherri, not cherry the fruit. All her life, she's had to tell people her name is not pronounced like the fruit.

2. The first concert I ever went to was R.E.M. I was in 9th grade and my best friend was Melissa. Her brother took us and his friend to Indianapolis and we spent the night at the Hyatt. The brother's friend wore this cheap silver necklace that turned his neck green. I remember being really grossed out by the green ring around his neck. But it was like a car wreck... I couldn't look away.

3. This morning, I went to open a box of cereal and it was full of ants. Ewww, right? They were big black ants which is even more gross. Now I have to clean out my pantry.

4. My mom is currently taking percoset for her pain. Side effects are drowsiness and confusion and boy is she experiencing both.

5. A local high school is offering to strings lessons to the fifth and sixth graders at Nick's school. He doesn't really want to participate but the Polack and I have encouraged him to try it out. I think he's worried that it will be hard so we told him if he doesn't like it he can stop after a few weeks. He can choose to play the violin, viola, cello, or upright bass.

6. Landscaping is expensive. Really, really expensive. I wish my house would landscape itself, already.

7. On the route between Bloomington and Fort Wayne, off of Exit 78 of I69, there is a giant chicken that sits beside a gas station. I've always wanted to stop and get a picture of me with that chicken.

8. Last weekend was the first tailgate of the year. It was a really fun day with friends and family, despite advancing the Hoosiers to 0-2. Unfortunately, the bottom of our grill completely rusted out. When unpacking after the game, it fell apart and we won't be able to buy a new grill in time for Saturday's game. I told the Polack we should skip tailgating and eat at Mother Bear's. His mom suggested we just get a bunch of food from KFC. I don't think he liked either suggestion because he just asked me if we should go to the store tonight to get food for the tailgate on Saturday. I guess we're going to have to think of what to prepare that doesn't need cooked.

9. It's a bit chilly out today but the sky is blue and beautiful. I love campus during the fall - the mums, the changing colors, the students in their sweatshirts. Actually, I love campus in the winter, spring, and summer too.

10. I was asked to join a board for a local nonprofit. I want to accept but I also want to join the CASA program so I'm a little torn. The class I'm teaching starts in a few weeks and I don't know if I can do everything. The Polack already complains about being too busy as a family. We'll see how I work things out.

Well I'm off to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day. It's spaghetti night and I'm also going to make chili for tomorrow since I have an evening event to attend. I can't let my momma and the rest of family starve.
Have a great weekend everyone.

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EB Bead and Metal Works said...

I hope your mom is feeling better. It must be the month for mom's to have surgeries, mom had one and she is still recuperating. I hope Nicklas has fun in the strings class, I think it is great for kids to learn different musical instruments! Have fun with the landscaping - I have a very small yard but it just seems to get more expensive and harder each year - I seriously want a lawn boy to take care of everything and I can sit back with a drink and let him work!
Have fun in tailgating, in whatever you decide to do for food! Oh, and this is my favorite time of year too! I love being able to wear shorts and have a sweatshirt on top!!! LOVE FALL!
Have a great one!