Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best and Worst

Seeger's worst - his sign in card at Boys and Girls Club didn't work
Nick's worst - probably that Dad was worried about if he got on the
bus this morning
Mike's worst - walking in to after-care and them telling him that
Seeger wasn't there after they originally said he was there
Natalie's worst - Mike driving all over trying to find Seeger
Cherry's worst - losing Seeger
Seeger's best - mom is finally home
Nick's best - mom and Grammy home and Survivor is on tonight
Mike's best - when he left the house the Tigers were down by three
runs in the 9th inning and by the time he got to the Boys and Girls
Club for the first time, they had won the game
Natalie's best - Seeger was found safe and sound
Grammy's best - coming to Bloomington to rehab

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