Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

1. So the good news... we have carpet!! At lunch time, the family took a field trip to the house and the carpet that was being installed yesterday was complete today. All flooring in the house is finished. The trim guy was there cutting and installing the quarter-round. He also put some door knobs and door stops on about half the doors.

You guys, I have door knobs!

2. The not so good news... We don't have a driveway. Or gutters. Or the rest of our lights. Or mirrors. Or a second coat of paint in the toilet room. (They must have missed that room because the rest of the house has a second coat. Oh, and I really hate the phrase toilet room. I must come up with something else to call it.) Or a kitchen sink. (We need all that and the kitchen sink. Ha, I couldn't resist!) OR WATER! Water is very important and apparently the usual "water guy" isn't returning phone calls so now our builder as to find a new "water guy". Oh and our propane tank still hasn't arrived. Nor been buried. So that gas fireplace is just a decoration at this point.

3. The really, bad news... We won't be in the house by June 30. Our builder hasn't confirmed this but it's a pretty strong hunch on our part. I'm not a contractor but I really don't see how all that can happen plus get the house cleaned and appliances delivered and inspected by the county - all in a week. So yeah, just a hunch there.

4. So our lease is up June 30 and we have no place to go. Actually we have lots of places to ho (Tahiti, Vegas, Ireland, anyone?) but we have to figure out what to do with all the stuff in our apartment. I've looked into renting a truck for a week. Or one of those portable storage pods. Because really, who wants to move all their stuff and turn around a week later and move it all again? But it's inevitable so I called around a scored a sweet deal on a second storage unit. (Our first one is packed to the gills, so no, we can't store our stuff there.) It only cost me $46 (note to self, never rent in the college town you live in, instead rent the next county over) so I had to take advantage.

5. I think one small teeny, tiny part of me hopes that being proactive and renting something means the house will miraculously be finished before actually needing the rental. You know, like carrying an umbrella when it doesn't end up raining. Or NOT carrying an umbrella and getting caught in a downpour.

A girl can hope.

6. I'm a bit sad that my house building has taken up five, oh wait, make that six RTT's. It is such a reflection of my life right now.

7. On a happy note, I finally read The Hunger Games. Sure, I had to pry it out of Nick's hands and sit on him so he wouldn't steal it back, but darn it, it's my book! I'm kidding, he was finished with the first one. He moved on to Catching Fire and of course, I finished The Hunger Games before he was finished with Catching Fire. Luckily, he has to sleep sometime so I snuck it away from him and finished that pretty quickly too, just a day or two after him. He's still early in Mockingjay - and I'm really, really trying to hold off from stealing that one too - but then I went home for lunch and he was on the computer INSTEAD OF READING THAT DARN BOOK so all bets are off now.

8. Speaking of birds,(Mockingjay's are birds in case you didn't know) have I mentioned the crazy cardinal that lives out at the house? Every time we're there (okay, not EVERY time, but often), we see this cardinal who starts banging his head on our windows. Not just the same window every time but different windows throughout the house. It always freaks me out; I feel pretty bad for the poor fellow. Our electrician asked about it too so it happens when we're not there too. I think we must of built our house on top of his nest. Or maybe we're on some sort of spooky bird graveyard or something.

9. A few days ago, we did a family photo shoot on campus. Seeger's teacher happens to be budding photographer and she offered her services as something people could bid on at the school's silent auction fundraiser. I bid $25 early on and didn't think much about it. Apparently no one else bid on it so we scored the photography package. She's posted some of the pictures and they're fabulous! I LOVE them so much and I'm super impressed with her talent. The pictures are great, stupendous, awesome, wonderful, impressive, and all that. I'll post some once we have the disc she is preparing for us.

10. The same night of the photo shoot happened to be the final dress rehearsal for the Madison Scouts. They had a competition they were leaving for the next day. After the photo shoot, I raced the family over the Memorial Stadium and everyone was just leaving. We missed it. Boo. BUT it looks like they're having another dress rehearsal tonight so I'm super pumped. (They're in between competitions.) Nicklas has a baseball game but hopefully I can do both.

Of course as I type this, I can see a big black cloud rolling through. IF outdoor things are cancelled tonight, I have one saving grace and that's a Mockingjay book that's calling my name.

That's the end of this week's RTT everyone. I'm not sure how much I'll be posting in the next couple of weeks. I have one post almost ready but other than that, it will be sparse around here with all the moving and what not. Wish us luck.

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Elizabeth said...

I heard about Hunger Games just the other day and that it was a must read page-turner.

It's on my list!