Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Assignment

Nicklas completed his last assignment of fourth grade. I can't believe I have a fifth grader now! Luckily, in Bloomington the elementary schools go up to sixth grade.


His assignment was to write a letter to his teacher with a reading recommendation:

Dear Mrs. Darby,

It was a privilege to be your student this year. You were a very nice teacher. I enjoyed you very much.

One of my favorite subjects was social studies. Also, because I am interested in geography, when we did each region I also knew a lot about each location. The third thing I liked is the government unit because listening to what other people had to say and voting on the bills was fun (and my bill passed).

Summer books to read
Last Shot: by John Feinstein
Steve Thomas has won a writing contest and gets to go to New Orleans and write about the Final Four for The Washington Post along with his co-winner Susan Carol Anderson. However, when watching the Minnesota State team get off the bus they see star player, Chip Gabber get pulled over. After overhearing the conversation, they hear he is being blackmailed, and the young teens have 48 hours to find out if its true. Uncover the truth in this book mixed with sports and mystery.


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