Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. The summer before my senior year in high school, my mom let me host an exchange student for a few weeks. Her name was Elodie Dufour and she was from an area close to Lyon, France. We grew very close to each other those three weeks, going on double dates and singing Chickenman by the Indigo Girls at the top of our lungs and driving around Auburn in my beat up baby blue rusty Mustang. We bawled our eyes and clung to each, sobbing when it was time for her to go home. We lost contact with each other after about year. It’s too bad we didn’t have Facebook or Linked In back then.

2. Saturday evening, the family was debating what to do after dinner. It was between watching a movie, playing a board game, going on a walk, or doing a puzzle. We had a rock/paper/scissors tournament and ended up with walk. To make it interesting, we went out the house to walk on the land. Boy am I glad we did that because as we followed the small creek down through the woods, we came across a super awesome waterfall. It’s so cool! I definitely need to get some good pictures. As we came up to it, we could hear the water falling over the edge. We maneuvered over to the side of it and realized it dropped at least 30 feet. We weren’t able to see the bottom so we’ll have to go back and check it out sometime. The ravine to the bottom is very steep and heavily wooded so I don’t know if we’ll be able to go to the bottom.

3. All of this reminds me of when I was in high school and some guy friends of mine would play Army in my backyard that was wooded and had a creek through it. They would dress up in fatigues and stealthily move through the woods to see if they could find each other. I would sit on a stump and try to find one but never had much luck. They would later tell me they saw me.

4. I’m looking forward to going to the Lake this weekend but I know it’s going to be sad too. It will be our first visit since Grandma passed and unfortunately, many of my cousins won’t be there to distract me. I know we’ll have fun and it will be a nice time to just relax and chill. I just hope it isn’t too emotional.

5. Every other Monday, I volunteer to do paired reading with the kids in Seeger’s class. I went today it was especially cool because this week, Seeger’s class is leading the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. Seeger was one of the kids who did it today so I got to watch him. He was very proud of himself.

6. I think it’s interesting that they do the Pledge every day in school. The Polack’s school does too. We did it every day in elementary school but by middle school, it was only once a week. I really don’t remember doing it in high school. I’m going to have to put a call out on Facebook to see if my memory is correct.

7. Someone in the office made popcorn a few hours ago. I can still smell it.

8. The Polack likes thin pillows to sleep on. I like thick pillows. This means we never fight over which pillows to use. The sheets on the other hand…

9. I really wanted Mucho Macho Man to win the Preakness. But not because of Macho Man Randy Savage but because that name for a horse is just so awesome.

10. This past Sunday was the Broad Ripple Art Fair. I’ve never gone but have wanted to for several years. I wasn’t planning to go this year but when I heard that Steve Cambronne was going to be there, I decided I was making the trip. I discovered Steve about two years ago and fell in love with his Atomic sculpting. He’s based out of Georgia and I’ve been wanting to order something from his website for a while. I even contacted him to get pricing, hoping we could purchase something for the new house. The opportunity to see him in person was too hard to pass up. So we packed a cooler for lunch and some movies for the kids and we drove to Indy for the fair. We definitely weren’t disappointed. We ended up buying two pieces, a welcome sign and a mirror. We shouldn’t have – money is REALLY tight right now – but he offered us a great deal. I told the Polack we’d be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the rest of the month and he was okay with that so we made the purchase. We’re glad we did it before choosing paint colors because now we can match the colors in the pieces (which we both really, really like). Of course, we won’t be able to afford paint for a while but when we do, it will be awesome.

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Christy said...

I had to Google Steve Cambronne. I really like his stuff! It makes me think of the Jetsons. You'll have to get photos of the pieces you bought! Hope you have a good weekend at the lake. :)