Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Random Time

It's random time!

1. When the Polack was driving the kids home from Fort Wayne the other day, they stopped to get gas and drinks. He told them to pick out what they wanted to Seeger was really excited because he thought his diet coke was free. Really, it was just a caffeine free drink. It's kinda hard to explain caffeine to a six-year-old.

2. Nicklas only missed on day of school for the funeral but he's having a hard time catching up. Between all the driving and basketball games and baseball practices, he hasn't finished everything yet. He's even been doing his homework for 45 minutes each morning and still is behind. I let his teacher know why and she extended his deadline to Monday which is really nice.

3. Little 500 is in 9 days. I've never been so I'm super excited. (How is that possible, you ask? I guess it was never priority when I was a student.)

4. Little 500 is #26 on the 101 Things All Sports fans Must Experience Before They Die list.

5. When I was writing about yummy things that my Grandma Sally would make I forgot the number one thing - her homemade APPLESAUCE. It was so awesome and she would include it with every meal because we all loved it so much. One time she visited me when I was in college and she brought me a jar of the applesauce and I'm pretty sure I was the happiest girl ever that day. Hmmmm.... I bet there are several jars at her house just waiting to be eaten. Hopefully there will be some we can use when we visit the Lake for Memorial Day weekend.

6. Today is the first day of BBQ season at the Short Stop. This is a gas station that sells BBQ every Thursday in the summer. I get a little nervous eating gas station BBQ but everyone I work with LOVES it. They all got some today but I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead.

7. The Polack also loves the Short Stop BBQ. He tried to talk me into bringing him some to his work today but since Martinsville is 40 minutes away, I told him I was too busy. He has my calendar on his phone though so he knows I was free. I'm guessing he'll get plenty of Short Stop this summer since our apartment is within a mile of the place.

8. The house is really progressing well. They're in the process of framing it and they've finished the basement and most of the first floor. The Polack thinks they'll be starting the second floor today. Yay! I really hope they'll be finished by June 30 so we aren't homeless.

9. Mia is coming to visit this summer. She had said they were going to come in early August but her mom posted something on Facebook saying she would see me in late July. So I really don't know what's going on. I asked for details so Mia and Vibeke, if you're reading this - SEND ME DATES!

10. It's a beautiful day on campus and I'm getting ready to walk to a meeting. Spring in Bloomington is awesome.

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