Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

1. Ack - it's Thursday night and I almost forgot RTT!

2. I'm typing this on the Polack's computer and I'm super annoyed because I have trouble with his keyboard. Plus it doesn't light up so I keep making mistakes.

3. It's been a crazy week in Btown. We didn't get hardly any snow - like our neighbors north of us. But we were right on the cusp of things so we had freezing rain which covered everything with several layers of ice. It was really, really pretty but shut down everything - even the University. And now, well it's just really windy and really cold. The boys had three days off of school and the Polack had four. I'm worried that they'll be going to school until July.

4. I got to do two things I've been wanting to do since we moved here this summer. I shopped at Sahara Mart - a local international grocery. They have lots of unusual food and I found something from Sweden but not Norway so I think I'll have to go back. We bought stuff for gyro's and a new Thai dish (that I don't remember the name of.)

5. We also visiedt Little Nashville. Too bad most of the stores were closed. We made the 30 minute drive there because there is branch of our former bank and we needed some paperwork for our closing. We stopped in a cute little shop that had coffee and some sweets. It had been fifteen years since I was last in Nashville and I can't wait to go back.

6. The Polack and I are trying to figure out our Superbowl plans. Decisions, decisions.

7. My new favorite show is Parenthood and I don't really know anyone else who watches it. It's SO GOOD and I'm sad I can't share it with anyone. But a show that has Coach, Lorelei, Aiden, and Ann has got to be good, right? Except it also has Dax who is just dirty and gross.

8. Speaking of shows.... the Polack and I finished Season 1 of Deadwood. I highly recommend it. We're now watching Season 5 Dexter. FINALLY. When we were visiting my family last week, my brother copied several series for me and my other brother gave me a home theater hook up thingie for my birthday. We all set!

9. I'm ready to do my taxes and get them over with. Except I lost one of the Polack's W-2's. I'm freaking out about it because I can't find it anywhere. Grrr...

10. Edye's Girl Scout Cookie ice cream was buy one get one free at the store tonight. Score!

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