Saturday, February 5, 2011

Persausive Letter

The fourth grade is working together to put on a production of The Lorax. The students were assigned to write a persuasive letter for the part they would like to have for the play. Below is Nick's:

Persuasive letter

Dear Mrs. Teacher,

I want to be the Lorax for the 4th grade play. One reason is that I am a good actor because I have had experience before. Other reasons are that I have an expressive face and I’m very self confidant.

I’m also very comfortable in front of an audience because I’ve preformed before and I don’t get nervous. Plus, I could improvise if someone gets sick or makes a mistake.

I’m very familiar with the Lorax because I read the book a lot when I was little and I still like it today. I know the role and I feel OK with the lines and I would make sure that every line gets memorized by heart.

I feel good that I might get a shot at this part and I know that I will do my best to do a good job if you choose me and if you don’t then I will not have any hard feelings.

So that is why I hope that I get the part of the Lorax, and if I don’t get it, then I hope that I get the Once-ler because of the same reasons I wrote above.


I think it's in the bag!

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