Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

1. I'm not really looking forward to the month of October. I have work obligations every single weekend. The one bright spot of the month will be a trip to quilt camp. Hopefully it will rejuvenate and energize me to keep on truckin'.

2. I only use the phrase "keep on truckin'" because todaly my colleague received an email from the higher up who tried to use the same phrase. Except he said he was going to keep on trunkin'.

3. My friends are in a contest to win the opportunity to get married in Washington DC. They are one of five couples. If you have a moment, please take time to vote for Tonya and Amy. They are the couple with the two cute kids. Voting ends at midnight on Thursday. Here is the Freedom2Wed site. Vote now, please!

4. I just got a call from someone who wants to make a $10,000 gift for a scholarship. I wish fundraising was always this easy!

5. I currently have tv overload. So many shows to watch. Can't keep up! Has anyone seen Mike and Molly? I love me some Sookie St. James. We'll see how Melissa McCarthy does in this show.

6. We were talking about Halloween costumes today at work. I love Halloween! The boys have already decided on their costumes - Nicklas wants to be a basketball palyer and Seeger wants to be a pirate. Those are both pretty easy!


EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Congrats on the gift for the scholarship! Have you watched Glee? I just started watching the show over the summer and I loved it! And you are right, so many shows, so little time! The boys customs are cool - is Nicklas want to be any basketball player or just himself and what pirate does Seeger want to be?
Have a great week!

Christy said...

I really hope you get a parrot to sit on Seeger's shoulder. That would be awesome.