Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Let the not-so-randomness begin....

1. I was just getting ready to heat up my lunch when I looked at the clock and realized it was only 10:20am. Too early for lunch - blah!

2. Seeger is all recovered and back to school. Really, he was only sick one day but because we try to follow the fever free/vomit free for 24 hour rule, I kept him home a second day. It allowed me to run some errands and get things done that I normally don't have time for. Oil change? Check! Boy Scout uniform purchase? Check! Trip to the hardware store? Check!

3. One of our errands was going to the bookstore. Seeger had a gift card and I wanted him to use it. He picked out a few books and a package of Silly Bands. Later that night, he mentioned something about returning the books and I realized that he didn't understand that concept of a book store - he thinks of them as libraries. The Polack and I told him several times that the books are his to keep and we only made him nervous.

4. The Polack and I got ALMOST all our stuff moved last weekend. For the most part, it went well. We only lost our refrigerator and a bookcase during the move so I think we did pretty well.

5. I just got done working out and my hair is all sweaty and wet. Eww. And I have a meeting with my Dean in 10 minutes. Ewww...

6. So things at work are going really, really well for me. Really well. Busy. But really well. Yay for fun jobs that are mentally challenging and co-workers who are pleasant and nice and funny and entertaining.

7. I think I stole my grandmother's pillow. I didn't mean to but we came home from the Lake with an extra pillow. I should probably call her. If she realizes it's missing than she'll be very worried about it and it will consume her every thought. Of course if she doesn't have a missing pillow to worry about then she'll find something else to focus her energy on so maybe I should hold off on calling her.

8. I'm going to quilt camp in a few weeks. Huzzah! The bad news is that I have to leave one evening to attend a work event. Which means I'll drive two hours to the event, spend 3 hours at the event, and then drive 2 hours back to camp. Man, that's a 7 hour block that I'll miss. sniffsniff

9. I miss Arrested Development. Such a funny show! Bring it back!

10. I had to get my professional photo taken yesterday which I totally forgot about when I was getting ready in the morning. So I definitely wasn't wearing what I wanted to and I wasn't happy with my hair. It will be posted on our website. Boo...

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