Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

1. Today at lunch, I went to a restaurant that serves soda in 32 oz pitchers. I LOVE those pitchers!

2. The Polack just called and Seeger failed to get off the bus this afternoon. Trying. Not. To. Freak. Out. He always rides the bus home except yesterday he went to after-care for the first time. So I'm guessing he did the same thing today because darn-it, I didn't talk to him about going back to his regular schedule when I dropped him off this morning. The Polack is on his way to the school to look for him. DEEP BREATH.

3. Whoa, did I drink a lot of soda today.

4. I got tons of work done today so I don't feel guilty for blogging at 3:30 in the afternoon.

5. Plus how can I work when Seeger is missing? (Apparently, I can't work but I can blog. Does that make me a bad mom??)

6. Speaking of blogs... have you checked out my quilting blog lately? I don't post often but I'm trying to be better! Other quilt bloggers post finished projects every week. I've finished three quilts this year so I feel like quite the slacker.

7. Okay, it's been 15 minutes and the Polack hasn't called me about Seeger. It only takes four minutes to get to the school. I am FREAKING out right now.

8. Just called the Polack - Seeger is SAFE AND SOUND. He was at after-care and apparently was a little embarrassed when he realized he wasn't supposed to be there. I guess I should contact his teacher to figure out exactly what happened.

9. My stupid iPhone hasn't been posting my status updates on Facebook. I had some good ones this week!

10. I have some work trips coming up - Chicago, New York, and Florida.

Okay, I'm off to use the facilities. I really did have too much to drink today.

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