Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

So many random thoughts have gone through my mind this past week. But can I recall any right now? Nope. So let's what I can pull out of my arse.

1. We've all heard stories of pets who can detect cancer in their owners. My dog has to be next to me all. the. time. So he better be alerting me if I ever get cancer.

2. I didn't truly hate humidity until this summer.

3. I really don't want to be crotchety person who complains about weather all the time.

4. I'm reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I'm not much into SciFi but I can't put the book down. Perhaps I like SciFi more than I realize? I did go to the SciFi Hall of Fame in Seattle a few years ago and I spent way more time there than I thought I would.

5. Did you see my posts from yesterday? I've finally figured out how to post photos from my iPhone! Both were pictures from the Las Vegas trip. One was outside the Monte Carlo - one of my favorite hotels. The second was from our day at the buffet. (I call it a day at the buffet because for $30, we could come and go as much as we wanted. Nothing like a little gluttony. It's Vegas afterall.) I grabbed a self-serve ice cream cone to go and it was the most perfect ice cream cone I've ever made. It was like professional perfect. I could totally own my own Jiffy Treet.

6. Speaking of owning businesses, the Polack thinks we should open a Culver's in Bloomington. We are big Culver's fans.

mmmmmm.... fried cheese curds....

7. I don't really get fried cheese curds when I eat at Culver's. (I promise!) But I think it's cool that they have them. I always get the same thing - a kid's meal Butterburger with everything except cheese and french fries on the side. I get the kid's meal because it comes with a dish of frozen custard.

8. Culver's has crinkle cut french fries - my favorite! I can only think of one other place that had crinkle cut fries and that's Penguin Point. Anyone ever heard of Penguin Point? They still have one in the town I grew up in.

9. There has been some major real estate drama going on in the Kubatski world lately. Our contract with one realtor ended and the day it expired, another realtor showed the house and had a couple who was very interested. So the next day the first realtor wanted to work with us on a potential offer and our new realtor who we signed a contract with was all, "no, he can't ask that of you because his contract ended and mine started today." So they started battling each other and went to the local realtor board and the Polack and I are all like, "we just want to sell our house." It's been stressful but mostly frustrating.

10. Back to french fries... I just looked up Penguin Point and apparently, they used to have restaurants in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Texas. I still remember the song that played on their tv commercials when I was growing up. Sometimes I sing it to the Polack. He's always thrilled, of course.

Penguin Point is gonna put a smile on your face. At Penguin Point, the people pleasin' place. YEAH!

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Christy said...

I totally remember the Penguin Point commercial! I lived in that town since I was 4 years old, but only went to Penguin Point once. It was with the Wyatts. My family must not have been into the place. Although back then we didn't eat out much at all.

I hope you are able to get the realtor situation sorted out. It's like they're crazy vultures!