Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

1. Wow, I totally missed RTT last week. Sorry for the 8 day delay in posting anything. It's been busy at work and since that's where I do my blogging, you all have suffered as a result.

2. Nicklas is at overnight camp this entire week. I'm sure he's having a blast but it's been a bummer for me because I have no idea what he's doing. His camp has this awesome website where they post dozens and dozens of pictures each day. And I see all these kids having a great time but I've only been able to find a few pictures of Nicklas. There is one kid that's in practically every picture. But where's my Nicklas? Sorry to be so whiney - I suppose I should be thankful that they even post any pictures at all. What did parents do before the age of the internet?

3. I have sent Nicklas a few emails. I hope he enjoys getting them. At camp, you can allot a certain amount of money to their account so they can purchases things during the week - like their cabin t-shirt, snacks, etc. Every email I send costs $.50 from his account. I hope he doesn't mind that I'm spending "his" money on those emails.

4. It's been nice having a week with just Seeger. A little one-on-one attention is good. I wish I could do more one-on-one's with both boys. We asked Seeger if he missed Nicklas and he said, "Well.... Maybe.... Maybe I will soon."

5. I bought a really cute pair of sandels but when I walk outside with them, my feet get sweaty and then they slip in the shoes. This makes walking a bit difficult.

6. Uncle Bill came over last night for dinner. It was so nice to see him! I gave him the boys' baseball schedule. I hope he comes for a game or two.

7. I love Jiffy Treet.

8. Since Nicklas is not here this week, it's up to me to walk the dog in the mornings. (The Polack and Seeger get to sleep in. LUCKY!) I've been walking him behind the apartment building which is right next to a day care. There are always balls that are thrown outside the fence that are sitting there in the grass. So in the mornings, I throw them back over the fence only to find them there again the next day.

9. I had a cavity filled last week and now my tooth is super sensitive. This is putting a damper on my nightly bowl of ice cream.

10. I wish I was going to the Lake this weekend. But we have to pick up Nicklas from camp and do some work to our Lafayette house. And we've been traveling so much lately, that we're reluctant to make any semi-long drives. So no Lake for me this weekend. We'll definitely go there for Labor Day weekend though!!

11. The Polack is a fan of three-beer Natalie. He told me so today at lunch. (No, I wasn't drinking during lunch.)

12. Yesterday was my dad's birthday - 60 years! I called and got his answering machine so I didn't talk to him which is good on one hand but a bummer because I actually had to things to ask him - 1) who were his groomsmen in his wedding and 2) did the teeter totter I have as a kid come from his parents house? These questions are a result of conversations with Uncle Bill at dinner last night. Perhaps I'll have a chance to ask them over Labor Day.

13. My brother on the other hand? He did talk to our dad last night. I always thought he was the lucky one.

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EB Bead and Metal Works said...

So glad to be reading your RTT again. Work computer had a virus on it and got a new one a few weeks ago and I finally found your blog site after much digging. I hope Nicklas had a great time at camp!