Friday, August 6, 2010

Email to Nicklas at Camp Tecumseh

I didn't think to save my other emails to Nicklas this week at Camp Tecumseh. But here is the one he's getting today:

Hi Nicklas!! It's Friday which mean you have less than 24 hours left at camp. That probably makes you sad. It makes me a little sad because I know you're having fun. But it also makes me HAPPY because it means I'll get to see you. I CAN'T WAIT!!! We all miss you so much and really, really want to hear about all the cool stuff you're doing at camp. Every day I look at the pictures they post on their website and I can never barely find any pictures of you. I did see one of you swimming and one of you playing basketball. I also saw one from yesterday where you and bunch of kids are playing with small balls. Have you gotten to play Gaga yet? I hope so because I know you were looking forward to it!

Uncle Bill was over for dinner on Wednesday. He was bummed that he missed you but he's going to try to come to one of your baseball games in the next week or two. And Papa Bob had his birthday. He's 60! We called and left him a message.

We haven't done anything that exciting. Yesterday, I went to dinner and a movie with my friend so Dad and Seeger went out to eat. Dad chose Five Guys. He was so excited that it's finally open. He said that Seeger ate a whole bacon cheeseburger. He was very surprised - and impressed! Then they went swimming until bedtime.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that we signed you up for school. We didn't get to walk around the school yet. They said we can do that the day before classes start. They also said that if you ride the bus -- in the morning, you'll ride the bus to Bloomington North High School and then you'll meet up with other kids from ALPS and you'll all ride a bus to University. This means you'll be on the bus for a long time and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I might just take you every morning because I'm going to have to drop off Seeger at before school child care. Anyway, we can talk about more when we find out what time the bus comes and how long you'll be on it.

Well, I better end this so that you don't get charged too much from your trading post account. Speaking of that, have you bought anything? We bought the group picture that you'll get. Did you buy a unit t-shirt? Have you gotten phone numbers or emails from any of the kids in your cabin? I hope you all are having a great time sharing your cabin. I bet it's a mess of dirty clothes and smelly boys.

I love you!

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