Friday, July 9, 2010

Seeger's Day Camp

Isn't this picture the most adorable thing EVER? It's Seeger (and his cousin Ben on the left) during Chapel at Day Camp.

My family is a big fan of Camp Tecumseh. I attend quilt camp there and last year, Seeger and Nicklas attended Day Camp. This year, Seeger is at Day Camp and since we're no longer living close to the camp, he's staying with his cousins for the week. They're having a blast!

I was able to drop him off at the first day. Here they are waiting for and boarding the bus.

The camp staff are great about taking pictures and posting them on their site. Everyday, I've been able to pull several pictures of the Seeger, Ben, and Anna.

Nicklas will also be attending Camp Tecumseh this year. He's doing the residential/overnight camp. He's super excited and makes me realize how grown up he's getting!

A special thanks to my mom who is paid for their camp. This was their Christmas present. What a great gift and great memories they'll have.

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