Friday, June 11, 2010


Mia got to experience one of the biggest events of her time here in the US... She has been looking forward to prom for awhile. She and her friends went dress shopping a view times but she ultimately decided to have her dress made. After getting her hair done, the girls got dressed and their dates and respective parents came over pictures.

The Polack and I signed up to chaperon.

After pictures, the kids went off to have dinner and meet up with a big group of friends. They all rented a small bus and drove around awhile before heading to prom. As a chaperon, I got to see all the kids come through the door. I enjoyed checking out all the dresses. We ran into Mia a few times throughout the night but left her alone so we didn't seem like "those kind of parents". I did take a quick picture of her at the drink station.

Chaperoning was pretty easy and no one really gave us any problems. I was puzzled by the lack of slow songs but I suppose they weren't necessary since the only move the teens seem to do is grind up on each other. I also thought it was weird that the grand march was in the middle of the prom. The dance was 9-midnight and at about 10:30, they turned on the lights and all the parents and friends gathered around the balconies of the gym to watch. I definitely like the way my school did it with the grand march before the prom. You got it out of the way!

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