Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mia's Graduation

I don't have the greatest pictures from Mia's graduation - and my camera died right after the ceremony - but here are some photo's. Another rite of passage for Miss Mia...

Right before we left our house to go to the ceremony, we received a package from Norway. Mia's mom had sent us a Norwegian flag to wave and some ribbons to wear. When Mia was given her plaque, the boys enjoyed waving the flag.

The foreign exchange students didn't actually receive a diploma. But they were recognized on stage. There were 12 this year - the majority from Germany. Mia is on the far right.

Here's an after shot - right before my battery died - of Mia and her friend Katie. Did I mention that Katie is spending the summer in Norway with Mia? How lucky she is. They are planning to travel most of the summer. Denmark, Germany, Italy, Greece. What great experiences they will have!

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