Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Whew - I have one hour to spare in getting this posted so it officially qualifies as RTT.

1. I've been doing WAAA-AAAYY too much driving lately. Here is my schedule from the past seven days. Thursday - drive from Spencer to Bloomington to Lafayette; Friday - drive from Lafayette to Bloomington to Spencer; Saturday - drive from Spencer to Bloomington to Lafayette; Sunday - drive from Lafayette to Fort Wayne to Lafayette; Monday - drive from Lafayette to Bloomington to Spencer; Tuesday - drive from Spencer to Bloomington to Lafayette; Wednesday - drive from Lafayette to Bloomington to Spencer; today - drive from Spencer to Bloomington to Lafayette.

See what I mean? That's 1200 miles, people. In one week!

2. Since I was in Lafayette on Tuesday, I got to spend some nice quality time with the family. Nicklas had his performance and afterward, we went out for ice cream. Our trip from the school to Dairy Queen consisted of Seeger asking me to play his favorite songs - If You Seek Amy, Party in the USA, and Fireflies. After those, I played Save Ferris which got everyone in the car rocking. It was a nice way to top off the evening.

3. In watching Nick's performance, I got to see all the other kids in his class too. Man, I miss those kids. They've been together since first grade and I used to volunteer in his classroom weekly so I've really gotten to know them. It's sad to think that Nicklas won't be with the same group of kids next year. I think it will be as hard on me as it is on him.

4. No one in my office knows the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. We had a watch going on today and they were all stressing out. I was all, "it's a watch not a warning, chill out!" But since they didn't know the difference, I half verbalized, half acted out the difference. It was a little embarrassing.

5. The Polack got a job. Yay! This is great news. I should feel relief. But really, I'm just a stressed as ever because we still need to sell our house. It's sad to be selling a house that we love so dearly and not have anyone else who agrees enough to make an offer. *sigh*

6. I had THE BEST piece of dessert EVER this week. Someone in our building made oreo truffles and they were truly the best thing I've ever eaten. I don't know who made them for our office but I intend to find out and become her best friend so that she will share the recipe with me. (I'm very serious when I say they were the best thing ever - even better than the chocolat glacee that I had in Nice, France when I was 17-years-old.)

7. Tonight, my friend Christy and I went to the movie theater to watch a special showing from Drum Corps International. DCI is gearing up for the season so they showed the top five performances from last year. It was so awesome to see on the big screen and totally made me miss my high school marching band days when I was in color guard. I think it's about time to get out my sabre and practice my tosses. I was captain of the sabre line you know and I think I've still got it.

7B. The one regret from my childhood is that I never tried out for a Drum and Bugle Corps. It would have been a great experience to participate in something like that.

8. I've started a new quilt and I'm actually excited about it. I haven't felt very quilty lately but this new project has me invigorated. I think I've found my quilting mojo.

9. Last Sunday, my brothers and I surprised my mom by all meeting up at the Fort Wayne Tin Caps baseball game. It was hilarious to watch her try to find her seat and see us sitting in her seat but not realizing the seat stealers were her family members. She was about to get crappy with us but figured it out.

9B. During the game, our row was picked as the lucky lottery row and we all got free lottery tickets. Score! One of my brothers won $2. My mom won $32. The Polack and I haven't scratched all of our tickets yet but so far, we're up to $2. I'll keep you posted!

10. Time to hit the hay - the carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow and I've got lots to do!


BoilerTeach said...

I agree with you on the oreo truffles! They are super easy to make too. But don't tell anyone once you do make them the first time. Pretend like you slaved hard! :o) Here's the kraft foods recipe I used.

Wendy said...

Ooooohhhh, I don't know who Boiler Teach is, but I know I like her!

You aren't leasing your car are you? LOL.