Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Oh my gosh, I just realized it's Thursday! And I haven't even begun to think about my RTT post. And even though it's early enough, I have a day full of meetings. In fact, this one of two short breaks I have. I should be prepping for my meetings but can't seem to get motivated. So I guess this is as good a time as any to whip out a RTT...

1. My trash in my office only gets emptied once a week. So the remains of my Lean Cuisine from Tuesday is stinking up the place. Ick. I think I'm going to have to empty my own trash.
2. I need to visit the ladies room but I'm being lazy and postponing the inevitable.
3. The trees are blooming in Bloomington and it's so beautiful!
4. I just realized the irony in saying blooming in Bloomington....
5. I want to create a list of things to accomplish/do/achieve in my lifetime. This is called a bucket list, right? I've never seen the movie but I'm guessing that's what the term means. However, I haven't given any thought as to what to put on my list. Suggestions?
6. In two minutes, I have a web-based training I'm supposed to participate in. This means I'll be distracted by emails (and blogging) and probably won't pay attention. I'm such a bad student.
7. Our house selling activities aren't going well. There haven't been any serious bites. I know we're coming out of a slow real estate period so I'm really trying not to freak out. But I am. Of course.
8. Summer is quickly approaching which is nice to know but oh so bittersweet because it means that Mia will be returning to Norway. I can't even think about it yet. Her graduation ceremony is Memorial Day weekend and I think we're having her open house the following weekend. So I've got a party to plan which is good because it will distract me from thinking about her leaving.
9. Speaking of Mia, the other day we were talking about her plans after she graduates from Norwegian high school (spring of 2011). She's always said that she plans to travel but our recent conversation, she said she's thinking about college. I was so surprised and asked what happened to the travel plans. She commented that she's feeling pressure to go to school but that's what everyone's telling her she should do. I had to point out that she's getting pressure from American's because college right after high school is a very AMERICAN tradition. But that doesn't mean it's right for her. She loves to travel and experience new cultures and if that's what she wants to do before going to college she ABSOLUTELY should. She's young and has plenty of time for college and she should take advantage of the opportunity to do so. She seemed to really think that through and I was feeling pretty proud of myself until she mentioned that she was thinking about applying to IU. The Polack and I would be THRILLED if she came to IU but I feel like the longer she's back in Norway, the less likely she'll return to Indiana.
10. Okay, I'm not paying attention to my training when I should be so I'm signing off for now. Aloha!

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