Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Hmmmm.... let's see.... random thoughts of mine include:

  1. My office is FREEZING right now. I should - and I do - appreciate the window. But woo boy is it hard to type when my fingers are so cold.
  2. I do have a space heater but it's only effective at warming the parts of my body that are directly in front of it. So my legs and feet are very toasty right now.
  3. I love working on a college campus and I really hate staff who complain about the students - as if they aren't the reason we all have jobs. So I make it a point to never complain. Even when they use the restroom as a locker room and they wait until the 11th hour to complete their scholarship application process and then come crying to me when they don't have enough time to gather all the information needed. Nope, I never complain.
  4. I'm supposed to do some quilting this weekend with a group of quilter friends. But I'm just not in to it. I have several commissioned pieces and I'm not at all excited about doing them. Is it the fact that I have less creative freedom with commissioned quilts, am I outgrowing my love of quilting, or am I in some weird funk right now?
  5. I love Diet Pepsi.
  6. All my shoes currently have their heel caps attached. It's a good day.
  7. I'm really trying to stick with Weight Watchers this week but I did eat Chick-fil-A for lunch. Other than that though, I've been good.
  8. I'm bummed I didn't get to watch Survivor. It's become a family ritual that I look forward to.
  9. I started the Sookie Stackhouse series. What is it about vampire stories that make them so attractive?
  10. Now I must start watching True Blood. I'm hoping the Polack will want to watch with me. *hint hint*

Special message to CK - I would join SP but my internet time is pretty limited right now. I have enough trouble keeping up with the blog and facebook. On a separate note, how sad is that we are communicating with each via our blogs? Let me know the next time you're in IN!!


Christy said...

I hope you aren't outgrowing your love of quilting! My guess is that having to do commissioned quilts is stifling you a bit. Whenever I have quilts I HAVE to do, I get the same way. Did you have fun on Saturday anyway? I was glad to get that new project started. I need to pin a ton of projects before I can do much more on them, so I hope I can get my mom to help me when she's here visiting! Have a good week!

global-keewee said...

It's OK to work with what we've got...honest.

I'll be in Indianapolis Feb 25-26 for the Alumni board and Boilermaker Ball, which you're probably to RED to want to attend, now. :P
Unfortunately not much slack in the schedule. I'll plan for more free time when I'm back in May!

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

It is probably a funk Natalie. I was like that last year with the jewelry and metalsmithing. You will get your mojo back for quilting! Glad you like your new job!

Bri said...

ok...I just love Sookie!! What one are you on? True Blood is awesome too, just make sure the boys are asleep though...lots of graphic "adult" stuff. I am back on WW too! I am almost back to where I started. Darn dads and major surgery. I hate that I am a stress eater. Good luck...I will be thinking of you!!