Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Booby traps and Spongebob

Seeger has been building booby traps around the house. Can you tell how proud he is?
He's also into building things. I remember when Nicklas went through this phase and I just loved seeing him work his hands and mind to create something. For Seeger, it started with a set of Spongebob Legos that he received for Christmas. The Polack and I were impressed that he was able to follow the directions and build the Krusty Krab with such patience. As soon as he finished it, he wanted to use his gift cards to purchase other Spongebob Lego sets.

He's also been building with a set of Knex he received. He asked that I video the hot air balloon he built out of Knex for his Lego Spongebob characters.

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