Monday, January 25, 2010

Scene's from Christmas

I'm finally able to upload photos! Woop. Here are some shots from Christmas. It's been so long, I won't bother with the recap and will just include some captions. Enjoy...

The cousins, just before it's time to open presents...

Me and Mel with our pretty Christmas drinks.

Time for presents.... Mia checking out her new quilt.

Seeger received a piggy bank that he could decorate.

Nicklas and his tickets - a Red Wings game and an Indiana University basketball game.

Seeger is pretending to be a present.

After presents, we enjoyed a Norwegian custom. Mia made porridge and a peeled almond was hidden in the dish. The person who receives the almond in their dish wins a prize.

The next morning, it was time for stockings and gifts from Santa...

And then more presents. Nicklas models his Norweigian hat from Mia's family.

Seeger's hat w/ his pillow that Mia made and the Barrel of Monkey's - also from Mia.

And then next day... Christmas with the North family.

This was only pictures of three of the six Christmas celebrations we attended. We are VERY lucky.

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