Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Komet time

A few weekends ago, we took Mia and the boys to a Fort Wayne Komets hockey game. We always enjoy Komets games. It's nice to be in a smaller arena and we like not paying as much for concessions. Before the game, Nicklas was down by the ice watching the players warm up. One of the players gave him a puck. He was so excited!

We thought Mia might enjoy the experience. I'm not sure she would sign up for another game but she's always a good sport.

Nicklas had a great time but he pointed out that he'd never been to an NHL game before. He really wants to see a Redwings game. Some day, Nicklas... Some day.

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global-keewee said...

Well, if you want to see the Redwings you can always do it somewhere other than Detroit! We're going to see the Coyotes-Redwings game on January 2 here in Phoenix...they're basically giving away tickets to get people to come. So if you happen to be thinking of a warm getaway...*nudge, nudge*...too bad that none of our teams are good enough for bowl games (sigh). Will I ever get to see you when you're not at work?! I digress.