Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Thought Thursday

Whew! It's been a BU-SY week for me. Anyone else feeling the stress to keep up?

1. Poor Mia. She hasn't been feeling well these past couple of days. It's probably some bug going around although it may have something to do with her over scheduled life which includes swim practice, cheerleading, fundraisers, and an overactive social calendar. I hope she can take it easy this weekend.

2. Speaking of Mia - lucky her - she's experiencing the drama of being an American teenager along with the I-heard-from-someone-who-heard-from-someone-who-said-you-said-something-about-me. She abhors drama and gossip but she's handling it very well.

3. My last random thought about Mia... She went with me to visit a some friends for dinner the other night. Afterward, she commented that she was closer in age to one of them (T is 25) than I am. Gee, thanks for pointing that out, Mia.

I still love you though.

4. "Me love you long time." I saw Full Metal Jacket for the first time. Gotta love Kubrick.

5. Speaking of movies... I have my tickets to see NEW MOON. Even though I didn't like the book very much, I'm super excited. (I happen to be going with my 25-year-old friend. No judging me!)

6. So Owl City was featured music on 90210 the other night. I'm a bit disappointed. (But I still love you, Adam!) We won't point out the fact that I'm being judgemental for crying sell-out to a musician who is featured on a show I watch. (Clearly I hold my musicians to higher standard than myself. Clearly.)

7. Lady Gaga is coming to Purdue in January and I REALLY want to go. I don't have a date. But I am considering buying pre-sale tickets tomorrow with hopes of finding someone to go with. Even though I was annoyed with the Polack for buying U2 tickets when he didn't have anyone to go with. Of course my tickets are only $35/each whereas he paid *cough*over100*cough* dollars.

8. Teenage drama, 25 year old friends, Twilight, 90210, Lady Gaga. Sheesh, am I ever going to grow up?

9. I do partake in grown up things sometimes - I promise! For example, I'm organizing an event for the boy's school. And I'm a mentor for a group of college students. And I quilt. And I have a will. See? Grown up stuff. Despite the fact that this can interfere with my America's Next Top Model tv watching.

10. Just don't make me start drinking coffee. That's too grown up for me.

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