Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mark time, mark!

When I was in high school, I participated in the color guard for the Baron Brigade of DeKalb High School. Known as the Bridgadiers, my color guard days were so much fun. I loved performing, I loved the challenge of moving from chart to chart, I loved the camaraderie of everyone in the band. We worked hard for our craft, practicing all summer, including several day long practices in August, and then two hours every evening after the school term started. Contests were held every Saturday with the goal of making it to the state finals.

During my high school tenure, our band made it to state every year. The top 10 bands in each class (there were four classes based on school size) competed. The Baron Brigade placed seventh my freshmen year, seventh my sophomore year and my junior year? Seventh. We started to think we were cursed. Then my senior year... I don't know if it's because it was my last year or if others felt the same way but my senior year show was THE BEST. We placed fifth that year. The highest my high school has ever placed.

Its marching band season right now and many Baron Brigade alumni have reconnected via facebook. Several photos and videos have been posted. I'm very thankful that someone was able to post our performance at state from my senior year, the year we did City of Angels. I'm posting it here, just because I want to have a permanent connection to that show. Feel free to to watch it if you'd like however I warn you, it's 10 minutes long. For those that could care less about marching band, you will likely be bored. But for those that know what it's about, please enjoy. Oh, and check out my three second close up around minute 6:39.

(DeKalb participated in the marching band regional contest this past weekend. It was held at our local high school, which is about three hours from my home town. I was so bummed that I couldn't make it, especially with it being so close. I tried to console myself by telling everyone that I would go to the state finals this year. Unfortunately, they're on Oct. 31. I can't give up Halloween with the kids for the event so it looks like I'll miss the Baron Brigade perform this year. Bummer.)

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Christy said...

Oh gosh, this video is awesome. Having the close-ups definitely reminded me of so many people and of band. I can totally feel those polyester band uniforms and remember that mix of excitement and panic in my stomach while waiting to march at the Hoosier Dome.

In yet another bad decision of my youth, I missed our senior year of marching band and I regret that a lot. I'll re-live that 5th place finish vicariously through you. :)

I was worried that I wouldn't recognize you (so much big hair from the Brigadiers!!!), but I totally knew when you were on camera when I watched this on Facebook.