Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some Thursday Randomness

It's RTT, everyone!! Let's get this party started right. Let's get this party started quickly. (Like my use of old school 80's lyrics??) Anyway...

1. As much as I love RTT posts, I never know what to put for the title and I hate coming up with an intro and ending. Take the above intro for example. LAME-O!

2. Tonight we're taking Mia to her first tailgate. I don't think she has a clue what this means. Her opinion of us could drastically change.

3. I'm having my first mammogram today. Can you believe it? It makes me feel so old!! But given my family history, my doctor suggested it. My first mammogram. Whoa. I'm old.

4. Is talking about a mammogram on my blog appropriate? I sorta feel like I should be censoring myself.

Hey, this is my blog and I can write whatever I want, right? RIGHT?

5. Why do people talk on their cell phones when they're using a public restroom? I mean really, who wants to be the person on the other end, hearing all the flushing and other bathroom business. Gross.

6. I haven't talked to my mom since this weekend. I've been too busy to call her and she knows I'm busy so she hasn't called me. I'm a bad a daughter. Sorry, mom! I call soon!

7. Speaking of family, my brother had his car towed to a mechanic back in April. They called me the other day and asked for his phone number because his car is still sitting there and they want him to come get it. He doesn't have the $1300 needed to fix it.

8. Labor Day Weekend = the Lake. Woo woo! Mia asked me what Labor Day was and I DIDN'T KNOW!! What sort of American am I? I had to wikipedia it!

9. Speaking of Mia, she gets excited every time she sees a squirrel. Apparently they aren't common in Norway and she's always surprised to see them running around. I want to take her to Auburn (my home town) to see the black squirrels.

10. And since I bring up Auburn, I need to give tribute to the towns biggest weekend of the year - the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival. The ACD Festival includes the biggest classic car auction in the world and people from all around come to check it out. I wish we were going but since none of us have an interest in classic cars and none of my family live in Auburn anymore, it doesn't really make sense. (Actually, I only want to go so I can hang out at Cricket's with people I know.)

That's it and since I hate writing the conclusion, I'm not going to. So there. :-)


Wendy said...

You are totally right in that it's your blog, so write what you want. And I don't believe that RTT requires an intro and and ending. I just love reading the thoughts.

I heard mammograms are unpleasant. I hope yours isn't too much so. I'm definitely not looking forward to the first time I get to go do that.

Heather T said...

1. I love RTT and I hate coming up with titles to my blog posts, too.

2. I had never heard of tailgating until I went to college. Even then it didn't make much sense to me. Now? Now I live in Ann Arbor. Lord help me.

3. I had my first mammogram when I was 30. And the second and the third and the fourth. Long story. But I learned why it is best not to make young women with "structured" breasts have such scans done. Ouch.