Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

1. We've finally received some much needed rain. It's the perfect day to curl up on the couch in sweat pants and read a book. Or watch a movie. Or take a nap.

2. What's up with everyone's obsession with pumpkin spiced lattes? Admittedly, I'm not a coffee drinker but I just don't get it. Everyone on facebook and bloggy land has been going on and on about special trips to Starbucks for this drink.

3. I wish the US had an autobahn.

4. And universal health care.

5. Tonight's my very first flag football game. E-VER. I missed the teams first game last week because I was out of town. They lost by the mercy rule. Somehow, I don't think my participation will help at all. Lord help us.

6. Ugh, I just realized that I'll be playing flag football on a wet, muddy field.

7. I wish I was quilting right now.

8. I'm in love Zumba. I signed up for a class at my local YMCA and it's so much fun. The nice thing about working out at the Y? I'm usually one of the skinniest and most coordinated. It's a real ego booster.

9. The leaves are starting to change colors. I love autumn.

10. I'm still way behind in tv watching. I don't know how I'll ever catch up. I guess it's kind of a good thing because it must mean I'm doing more important things, right?

Sorry to end with such a boring thought. I'm not feeling that clever today. Hmmm... oh, I know... Did you realize that this post has a word that starts with every letter of alphabet? Except X - X is always that hard one! I suppose I could have talked about the facebook friend I unfriended because she wouldn't stop sending my solicitations for her Xocai chocolate. WBut then this wouldn't be so random, would it?


Deanna said...

The obvious answer to your consternation over pumpkin spice lattes is for you to go to Starbucks and try one! Really! It doesn't even taste like coffee, so for you silly people who don't drink coffee, you could still wind up liking it.

brianne_rn said...

Not the Y in Fishers!! I feel like a fat heifer! They are all SATM that go there to show off their cute little workout clothes and their perfect hair and makeup...gag!!

I love that Nick was sad Brebeuf lost!! What a true fan!