Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seeger's first baseball team

Seeger had his first baseball game last week. He's playing in the pinto league where the coach soft tosses the ball, everyone runs to every base, there are no outs, and everyone bats in an inning. It's quite amusing!

So far, he's done a great job of hitting. If the kids can't hit the coaches pitches then they bring out a tee to hit off of. Seeger has only had to hit off the tee once so far.

But.... despite me repeatedly telling him that you don't collect rocks or play in dirt when you're doing baseball, he still manages to get distracted. He's usually good for the first inning but by the second inning, his thoughts start to wonder.

That's the Polack standing there while Seeger bats. He's commissioner of the league so he runs all the games. He loves interacting with the little ones. They much nicer and easier to coach the high schoolers!

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