Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Thought Thursday

I can't believe how much everyone loves RTT! I never realized it would be so popular but I'm glad to hear you all enjoy it.

1. Now that people are starting to tell me how much they enjoy RTT, I'm feeling a little pressure. Like I need to write some fascinating, thought provoking entries. But I don't usually feel particularly fascinating, nor thought provoking. Yikes!

2. I am very annoyed that the Snow Bear ice cream sandwiches we buy come in a box of six vanilla sandwiches or a box of three vanilla and three chocolate sandwiches. Why no box of just chocolate? I always end up eating the three chocolate and I'm left waiting for the Polack to eat the three vanilla so I can open the next box. Grrr....

3. It looks like I might be making a trip to San Francisco in June for work. Woo hoo! I have two trips to Austin and a trip to Chicago this summer so I'm sure I will get tired of traveling but since I've never been to San Fran, I'm really excited.

4. Almost every day since Seeger's last day of Pre-K, he asks me when it's going to be time for him to start riding the bus to Kindergarten. Man, is that kid ready. I keep telling him it won't be until after summer so now he's telling people that he's ready for summer to be over.

5. Speaking of summer, I'm determined to teach the boys how to ride their bikes this summer. I think a little bribery is in order....

6. And another thing about summer... my sister-in-law and I were looking at days when we might be able to plan our next Sunday Night Dinner (which is traditionally held on Sunday's but lately they seem to be whenever we can fit them in.) Well, guess what... We can't find a weekend until after school starts in August. It's pretty sad that we're all that busy. But it's true. The Polack and I have something scheduled every weekend this summer. Aye-yi-yi! I'm not complaining - most of the weekends are filled with fun stuff like vacations and family gatherings and social outings. But still, I'm already tired and the summer hasn't officially started yet.

7. Season finale of Grey's Anatomy? A-double E-S-O-M-E. Totally. I haven't been a fan of this season (blech to the whole bringing Denny back - I like me some Jeffrey Dean Morgan but please, show a little respect to the character). And all the drama about who's staying and who's leaving? No, thanks. And I hated seeing Hahn leave. (Although Arizona is cute!) Plus, I don't think I'll ever like Meredith's character. So I wasn't really that excited about the finale. In fact, I think it was a few weeks after it aired before I actually got around to watching it. But OH. MY. GOSH. 007? I didn't see that one coming!

8. As I was getting the kids ready and out the door so I could drive Nicklas to school this morning, it suddenly hit me. I'm a MOM. These kids depend on me. I am their world. I wondered to myself, "When did I grow up? When did I get so old?" It was a strange thought, especially since I've never wondered this before. I relish being a wife and mother. But this morning, it just seemed so odd to me.

9. I have an infection in my left eye today that is driving me crazy. I had to miss work to go to the eye doctor. I could barely drive because light bothers it and it's so sunny out today. I'm on an antibiotic right now that should take care of it. The eye doctor said it was caused by my contact. Stupid contacts. They've done nothing but cause me problems since I started wearing them three years ago.

10. I have a facebook friend (you all know what I mean, right? The person you're friendly with but probably wouldn't stay in touch with except through facebook.) Anyway, she was pregnant with her fourth child and was planning her second home/water birth. Her contractions started coming pretty quickly so she called her midwife and made her way home. (She had been visiting her husband at the hospital.) The birthing pool was only half full when she gave birth to her daughter - BY HERSELF. Her husband was at the hospital, trying to get discharged so he could make it home for the birth. Her midwife was on her way. My friend's mother and mother-in-law were there, as were her three children. One mom was holding the phone so her husband could hear everything, the other mom was taking pictures. They were able to help but still, she pretty much did it all on her own. And the pictures were amazing. She looked so calm and relaxed. I would have been freaking out, people.

There! I don't think I can top that randomness. Until next week...

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Christy said...

I also am a fan of random thought Thursdays, but don't be pressured. I thought the point was that there was no pressure to come up with a cohesive post, just little bits that aren't post-worthy on their own. I keep thinking of following your RTT lead, but I never remember until Friday morning. Maybe I should come up with Random Thought Saturdays With Thoughts I Has Days Ago. I don't think the RTSWTIHDA has the same ring to it though!