Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Poor old Michael Finnigan, begin again...

This week was Seeger's spring show at Pre-K.

The theme was It's a Small World and many of the songs were from other countries or sung in different languages. We were excited when Seeger's class sang a Polish song. The Polack even commented that he remembered his grandmother singing that song to him. The class also sang an Irish song about Michael Finnigan.

To go along with the theme of the program, the students were sent home with long pieces of paper. We were asked to draw an outline of our students body and help him decorate it while giving consideration to our nationality. I came up with the theme for Seeger's shirt (the Polish flag and an outline of Poland) and let Seeger decorate the pants. He put Thomas the Train and Spongebob stickers all over.

Here is Seeger with his finished project. It was fun to see what the other kids came up with.

Since Seeger has been walking around the house singing Michael Finnigan for the past two weeks, I'll leave you with this video....

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Christy said...

Impressive heels on the girl poster to the right of Seeger! :)

That's a really cute post. I love how he decorated his pants.