Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'll do anything for a free dinner...

A few weeks ago, my mom called for a favor. She had agreed to attend an employee recognition dinner at work and she was being honored for her years of service. She needed a date and really wanted me to come with her. She had others that she could ask but I was her top pick. Normally, I'd jump at the chance but the dinner was in the middle of the week. Which meant a two and a half hour drive there and back. Which mean missing part of work. And Nick's baseball game. And finding someone to watch Seeger. And not getting home until midnight.

Normally my mom doesn't ask my for favors (she's very self-sufficient and prides herself on her independence). Usually, I'm the one asking her for favors. She is always willing to come spend the weekend with us and watch the kids when the Polack and I want have a tailgate/wedding/vacation/etc. And while she drives me crazy when she leaves her Kleenex's all around the house (seriously, I always find them tucked in couch cushions, under the bed, or in the dirty clothes pile), we really appreciate it when she comes to help us out.

So of course, I wanted to do this favor for her.

My mom is nurse. She's worked for her hospital system for 35 years. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS. That's amazing to me. Much of it was spent working in ICU. You have to be a pretty tough nurse to handle ICU for that many years. And my mom is tough. And she's awesome.

Thirty-five years.


I'm so proud of you mom!

(And even though you haven't figured out how to leave comments on my blog, I know you're my biggest fan!)


Deanna said...

Your mom looks like a very sweet lady. And 35 years IS a long time to work ICU! I did unit secretary in ICU for a couple years. My stress level wasn't close to the nurses, and I still only stayed a short while.
Free dinners are right up my alley, too - I got a husband out of one. ;-P

Anonymous said...

Glad you went. Cher deserves that recognition. Love to all