Thursday, March 12, 2009

Seeger's story

Apparently, Nicklas isn't the only one with school projects to share. After going through Seeger's school papers the other day, I came across this note from his teachers:

Dear Parents,
We have started a new activity in the Pre-K room. If the children want to, they can tell a story to the teachers. We then write what they say word for word. If your child tells us a story we will copy it and send it home.

This is a great activity to build language skills. They may have a one sentence story or it may be a page long. They are proud of their stories and we hope you enjoy reading them.

Please remember we don't make the children tell us a story. So if you don't receive a copy of your child's story it just might mean they were not in the mood. Enjoy!

Of course Seeger wasn't short on words. Can you guess what his first story was about?

"Once upon a time there was a little engine. His name was Thomas. He was going to a water tower. A big engine named Henry was going to get coal. There is a big engine named Gordon. He was pulling the Express. And that's the end."

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