Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend update

It was a busy weekend, starting Friday evening with a funeral (sad) but afterward, Mike and I got to hang out with my cousin and his wife and play some board games (happy!). Saturday was spent doing all the shopping, cleaning, and laundry we've been putting off. Oh and we got Guitar Hero World Tour for our Wii. Yay!!!

Today was the open house for my father-in-law. In December, he retired from his 40 year career as a sports writer at the Lafayette Journal & Courier. That's right - he worked there for FORTY years. Amazing. I can't stay in a job for more than 4 years, much less 40. It was great to see so many people come to acknowledge and support him, including our city mayor, a state senator, and state representative. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

I haven't mentioned on this blog yet but Mike and I have created a Get Fit Challenge. We're working together to get healthy and lose weight. We've done some weight loss challenges in the past that had a competitive focus to them but instead of working against each other, this time we're working together. We have specific goals and rewards for meeting those goals. We've only been doing the Challenge for a week now but it's going well. We went on three walking dates this week, followed the Weight Watchers diet, and all together, we lost 14.2 pounds. (Yes, you read that correctly - isn't it amazing?!) I'm guessing most of this was water weight and I'm sure next week won't be quite as successful. But if we can stay at about 2 lbs each per week, we'll be happy.

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sandi said...

I love the best and worst part of your blog. I wish I could do that, but it would take too damn long with all these kids!