Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowy days

After missing out on much of the recent snowfall others received, we were finally hit yesterday and last night. Our city recorded 5.1 inches. I love snow! If it's going to be cold outside, I'd much rather have snow to compliment the freezing temperatures. I hate freezing cold with no snow, just gray, dreary, yuckiness.

Most of the surrounding school districts closed for the day but not ours. Not even a two hour delay. We were already scheduled for a half day so I'm guessing a delay would have meant canceling for the day. A large percent of our kids walk to school and I feel so bad for them. It couldn't have been easy trekking through all the snow covered side walks. The Polack is a teacher at the high school and while he normally doesn't like snow days (because it prolongs the school year when they have to be made up), even he agreed that school should have been cancelled. In fact, he sent me an email this morning, replaying an announcement made to the teachers at the beginning of the day:

"Teachers, please check to see if the classroom next to yours has been opened. We are missing several staff members and need to make sure that each classroom is covered."

I spent the morning shoveling our driveway and sidewalk. Seeger helped for awhile before getting distracted with his sled. As I was shoveling, I saw Edward and Aubrey who live a few houses down the street from us. I've tried to befriend this couple. They're young and cute (something our neighborhood lacks) but they definitely keep to themselves. So I'm shoveling away and Aubrey is in the middle of the street, in her cute boots and cute skirt and cute coat and cute scarf, looking toward the entrance to our neighborhood. I'm not sure what she's doing but finally, she and Edward get in their car and drive down the street and past Seeger and I. I wave the neighborly wave and they ignore me. Once they get to the end of our street (to the entrance of our neighborhood) I see them get out of their car. Aubrey makes her way from the passenger side to the driver side and Edward starts walking back to his house.

It all starts to make sense. As Edward walks by (in his long johns and boxer shorts) I ask what's going on. He grunts something about Aubrey being nervous about driving in the snow. Cute little Aubrey needed her Edward to test it for her. Don't get me wrong. I'm all about being girly - to an extent - but it seemed too much to me as I continued my shoveling.

The drive to work wasn't too bad for me. I'm one neighborhood away from a major road and fortunately, the city mayor lives in that neighborhood. Those streets always seem to be the first plowed during a heavy snowfall.

Seeger's school was cancelled and Nicklas will be home by noon. I wish grown ups could take a snow day too!

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Christy said...

I don't envy your shoveling at all! I got stuck in the snow trying to get on the bus. So the driver and I were trying to shovel me out a path with an ice scraper and my leg rests. Then my shoe fell off and it was all downhill from there! Even with another guy pushing, we couldn't get me on the lift. Oh well, hoping we don't get a ton more!