Wednesday, December 3, 2008

yes, I'm a dork...

A conversation from last night...

Me to Mike: Honeeeyyyy?? Where is the three hole punch? It's probably upstairs in the office, right?

Mike: Yeah, I'm guessing it's upstairs. Do you want me to go get for you?

Me: (Already heading up the stairs.) No, that's okay. I'll go get it. (Entering the office and looking through our office supplies, I don't find it.)

Me: (Heading back down stairs) I looked and I couldn't find it. Maybe it's in the junk drawer?

Mike: No, I really think it's upstairs.

Me: (Looking through the junk drawer while he starts to head upstairs.) Oh look, I found it.

Mike: No, you didn't. You're kidding right?

Me: I did find it. Look, its right here. (Holding it up for him to see.)

Mike: (Rolling his eyes.) Uh, that's not a three hole punch.

Me: (Confused, furrowed brow.) Oh yeah, I didn't mean I wanted a three hole punch. I meant I just wanted a regular hole punch. Ooops, sorry for the confusion!

Mike: (More eye rolling and shake of the head.)

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your favorie blog reader! said...

at least you didn't say three hole punch "thingy". That's a Beth favorite!